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Typefaces – so what’s the point?

By SmartWords-Gil | Jun 10, 2022

Why choosing the right typeface for your communications is vitally important. When it comes to design, there are certain rules that you break at your peril. Generally speaking, nobody likes small images. When I worked in newspaper design, I learned a simple rule: “If you have a good picture, use it big. If you have…

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Why we need brands

By SmartWords-Gil | May 5, 2022

Consumers are deeply attracted to the power of brands because they represent to us an expression of order, reliability and certainty. Communication professionals must do more to harness the power of client brands to add value. Marketing is an act of persuasion and a brand simplifies the buying process by allowing the purchaser to dispense…

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Never laugh at a cat facts about SEO

Never laugh at a cat – the strange truth about facts and SEO

By SmartWords-Gil | Apr 3, 2022

Why staying well informed in the digital age calls for a lot of effort. It is an axiom of my mother-in-law’s that “you should never laugh at a cat.” Throughout the family, this is accepted as holy writ, believed and unquestioned. When I was introduced to the family – and this rule – I had…

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The Yorkshireman, the barbecue and the beef brisket

By SmartWords-Gil | Feb 6, 2022

The five golden rules of effective communication  Somewhere in Yorkshire a man with a loud voice and a flat cap has a piece of beef, in a cake tin, in his fridge. I know this. I also know that it has been marinating in there for quite a long time – far longer than any…

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The psychology of colour – creativity or parrot-learned design?

By SmartWords-Gil | Dec 5, 2021

Speed dating and direct mail have something important in common: first impressions are vital. One needs to create a good overall effect quickly. But of course, that’s only the first step.  You won’t seduce anyone in three minutes, but you could easily disqualify yourself. University research in Winnipeg, Canada showed that people make up their…

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Shorter attention spans pose problems for creatives

By SmartWords-Gil | Oct 15, 2021

Listen very carefully. I can say this only once. The business of communication may be in deep trouble. That’s because our job is to engage with an audience that is stressed to the point of ill-health, and whose attention span is now officially less than that of a goldfish. Our attention span has been determined…

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Why we fall in love with old technology

By SmartWords-Gil | Apr 25, 2021

Experience shows us that technology change can not be guaranteed to give us anything better than a bumpy ride. Its progress inconveniences users and threatens and empowers businesses in equal measure. We can’t do without it – even when we don’t want it. In the same way that dinosaurs were eaten alive from the tail…

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No e-commerce – just commerce

By SmartWords-Gil | Mar 15, 2015

The growth in online shopping has reached a critical point. Those who would defend the traditional “bricks and mortar” only approach to retail are doomed to failure. However, with every disruptive technology comes the chance to ride the wave and profit in the process. The key to success will lie in understanding that there is…

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Enough tech – back to Betamax

By SmartWords-Gil | Jan 5, 2015

We already have more new consumer technology than we can cope with comfortably. The challenge now should be to develop technology that works better. I was a little flattered the other day when a keen young reporter called me from a technology magazine to ask me what I thought the key technologies of 2014 had…

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